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A badly coded website is slow, unreachable and not fit for purpose. Ayden Technologies pride themselves on deploying brilliantly coded sites, bearing in mind all of the following principles


Page speed is vital, Google uses this to measure your site PLUS users will not wait for websites to load.

Our development techniques makes sure everything is in the right place to make your website run smoothly. Gzip compressions, correct image dimensions and CDNs are just a few techniques to help keep fast page loading speeds. We have optimised sites for international boy bands and multi-national phone companies so you can trust us to optimise yours.


Effective development is built on facts. Our sites include Google Analytics to gather results and plan development around user engagement and results. What they are users looking at? Where do the drop off the site? Are you call to actions clear?

We can write monthly reports, allowing you to make the best decisions as your site or store grows.


IP lists, honey traps, 2 step verification. With so many security measures put in place, you can trust Devstars to create secure sites. Let us take out the worry of security risks and online threats. Find out more here about our top security tips here.

One of the most popular CMS systems today, it’s estimated that WordPress is used for 25% of all known websites.

Even though off the shelf, it is still very customisable. Through plugins and themes, your website can become pretty much anything from a simplistic blog to complex e-commerce store.

Trusted extensions can cover bookings, ticket sales, subscriptions, member only areas and social channel management.

Why Use WordPress:

Suitable for all websites, not just blogs.

Very robust. Can be used for any size website and business.

SEO Friendly right out of the box as well as supporting SEO plugins.

Supports responsive sites and themes.

It’s constantly updated to increase security.

A low cost option for building a site

WordPress allows you update online content very easily and it’s user friendly interface means you can learn how to use it in minutes.

How it work :

  • Website optimisation and Best practices
  • Users and search engines like Google love well coded fast loading pages. We have strict guidelines for our developers and back these up with analytic and monitoring tools.

Service Features :

  • Ayden Technologies websites and applications
  • Our team build web applications from the ground up to fit clients exacting business needs. From mission-critical systems that manage the queue timing at Heathrow to writing logic that matches young people with great career ideas.
  • A AT website or store will always run faster than an off the shelf platform. There is the added benefit that as the code is not published for anyone to download it is much more secure.
  • WordPress
  • We specialise in the development of WordPress and Woocomerce sites using AT designed themes. We also develop our own plug-ins that are used solely for our clients.

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